BiS Open Source iPad Magazine Platform

An Open Source iPad Magazine Publishing Platform for designers who hate programming

In 2011, me and my visual designer friend Selcuk Bagci, started working on an iPad Magazine project. (Scroll down for more info and videos of the magazine) We didn’t want to use Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite, and pay hundreds of dollars to a 3rd party company just to publish it. While we were working on the magazine, I noticed that he hated it when I spoke computer language/code, and I realized what exactly makes Adobe so successful in their business. Visual designers don’t like coding. So I decided to design my own publishing platform. After spending two weeks with my visual designer friend, I created a new platform for digital publishing. It’s not the first, nor the best. However I created a platform for my friend, and for visual designers like him.

BIS : An iPad Magazine for Music Lovers

BIS is an iPad Magazine for Music & Concert lovers. Almost every magazine on the market features studio albums, and personally I love concerts more. With BIS, I changed the standardized magazine approach to Music, and I featured concerts, more than albums. My goal is to change the way we ‘read’ music. I don’t like ‘reading’ albums! In my opinion, reading articles about music is no different than a blind-born person talking about paintings. To fully understand what’s written on the page, to understand the artist, we need to ‘hear’ the album.

– In BIS, if there is an article about an album, you can ‘hear’ the album.

– If there is an article about an artist, you can watch their music videos, concerts, listen to their albums, check their photos, tour dates, and even buy tickets for their local show.

– If there is an article about a concert, you can watch the concert, see photos of the concert, and if available, see photos from different photographers.

– BIS is like the biggest festival in the country, bringing different musicians together. BIS features different genres and styles.

To me BIS is more than just a simple magazine. It brings artists’ webpages, concerts, albums, photos and sharing their music to your iPad.

Bis (Latin) : Encore : *a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience.