flickRadio Generative Music

A Generative music composition tool, an instrument.

It is a processing sketch to generate OSC Notes / Music from flickr photos.

If you want to compose generative music, all you have to do is to provide a flickr group ID, and voila! It pulls all the images from flickr, and spits OSC Notes out. Later, you can use the provided OSCulator preset to make music.

First, it takes the average R G B values of the photo. Then it takes the average brightness of the photo.

Average Result
Red First Note of the Chord
Blue Second Note of the Chord
Green Third Note of the Chord
Brightness   Key Note

Please note that, due to the screen capture, the sound and images are slightly not in sync. However, under normal circumstances, the sketch runs smoothly and in sync.


Also, keep in mind that the sounds used in this video are from Logic Pro, but any other midi/osc instrument combination can be used.


Click here to download the processing sketch.
(requires oscp5 library)


Click here to download the OSCulator preset.