The Red Button

The Red Button

The Red Button is a revolutionary one-press solution for mastering. Simple and portable, it brings tangible awesomeness to mastering studios. Just press the button and enjoy the awesome wideness and dynamics of the music. Also make sure you use the fader to adjust the amount of awesomeness. It criticizes the thousands of dollars paid to mastering studios for their presets.

Mastering, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced.

In the past, (mid-1920s) after the introduction of the microphone and electronic-amps, mastering meant electrically driven mastering lathes cutting master discs.

After the advent of tape, mastering meant making fine adjustments to the amplitude of sound at different frequency bands (equalization) prior to the cutting of the master disc to make the resulting record sound better. (Especially for pop recordings)

But now, in the digital music era, we can deliver precise digital copies of the final sound files to the listeners. But musicians all over the world are still mastering their albums, or sending it to mastering studios, paying thousands of dollars to make them sound “louder” and “better”… Most of the mastering studios nowadays, have their signature sounds. Not because of special hand-made equipments they use. They use presets.

But do we really need something so loud? If so, can’t we just do it in the mixing studio ? Why not solve these problems in the mix ? Why the loudness wars ? I think, nowadays mastering is overrated. So I made the red button with Ziyun Peng to criticize the thousands of dollars paid to mastering studios for their presets.

The Red ButtonThe Red Button