Vitmore Corporate Branding & Web Design

Vitmore Branding & Web Design by John Ozbay

After spending a few years getting to know the founder of Vitmore, we’ve both realized that we are serious minimalists and perfectionists. ¬†We were both tired of seeing low-quality buildings, designs, all inevitably resulting in low customer satisfaction. A few long discussions and meetings later, talking about how we would like to shape the future of a quality brand, we came up with the idea for Vitmore. A strong, minimalist and perfectionist real estate / life experience brand. Vitmore doesn’t just stand for luxury apartments or sexy buildings. It is all of these, but more importantly a company, a brand that lets you experience life in the best way possible.


Vitmore Business Card Design by John Ozbay


Everything about Vitmore, is harmonious. From signs in the building, to business cards, website to door numbers, even the materials used in the building are designed to match, and stand for these ideals. It is an ongoing design adventure. I have had the unique pleasure to work with its founders to create this brand from scratch, pick a name, design a logo, brand guidelines, typography, website, physical aesthetics, banners, signs, even construction hats. It was, and still is a uniquely satisfying experience for me to be able to proudly say that these designs will live on forever, so long as the amazing Vitmore buildings stand.


Vitmore Corporate Branding & Web DesignVitmore Corporate Branding & Web Design

Vitmore Corporate Branding & Web Design

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