Designer, Musician, Coder
Electronics Engineer

Ozbay excels in designing unique experiences and artifacts; using technology, electronics, code and robotics as a medium of art and expression.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with Master's in Music and Technology (Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Music), he's currently working for as a Creative Technologist. He oversees all aspects of the technology in Microsoft's advertising production, from copy to art and concept to execution. He simplifies the sophistications of technology products, and communicates to the end user thus bridging the gap between technologists and creatives.

He's also a musician with multiple published albums, online music videos, and a world-wide audience reach. Heavily inspired and driven by minimal music, carrying rare Scandinavian melodies, Ozbay's music takes the listener through a mantric, atmospheric journey.

John's music explores the boundaries of a classical genre at the intersection of art, science and technology. Minimalist piano melodies combined with glitches, digital artifacts, strings, orchestral percussions, and atmospheric sustaining harmonics; John Ozbay's futuristic music can be categorized as an imaginary, fictional film score.

In Media

John Ozbay @ Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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