John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade

NYC Pride Parade

mccann / mastercard

A functional art installation made for the NYC Pride Parade, built on commission by MasterCard. As the leading and most accepted credit card processor, MasterCard wanted to show acceptance matters in NYC Pride Parade 2016. The ask for MasterCard NYC Pride Parade was to build a high-tech restroom door that unlocks if one’s a human regardless of one’s gender / disability.

Much like the project I made for the Oscars for MasterCard, I had very limited time to make this happen. 6 days to be specific. My initial thought was to use a fingerprint sensor, but the sensor wouldn’t ship in time. So I ended up using a pulse sensor instead.

John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade – Side

First of all, the box detects pulses using a pulse sensor, and then it visualizes them using a 64×64 LED grid inside the heart. When the user first puts their finger / palm onto the sensor, the heart shows a biometric scanning animation. During this animation the box creates a baseline. Once the baseline is created, the heart starts pulsing the user’s heartbeat for 3 beats. The box then sends the unlock command to a server over WiFi. Finally, the server relays this command over bluetooth to the door lock. The box runs on a 2o,000mAh battery to avoid cables, and the door has an August Bluetooth lock installed onto it.

John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade – Line

The box is, by design wheelchair accessible, and it is positioned to be comfortable for reach by all heights. The installation received a very positive response from the visitors and press. Photos and press coverage below.

John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade – GIF John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade – Acceptance John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade – On Wheels John Ozbay - NYC Pride Parade – Crowd