John Ozbay - Zhi Wei

Zhi Wei

zhi wei

A website custom built by John Ozbay for renowned fashion photographer Zhi Wei. In partnership with Meg Smart, designer. Site features a custom-built color-analysis algorithm, scanning uploaded photos for the dominant colors, and automatically creating a color palette, allowing Zhi to select a color pair for each photo he uploads.

John Ozbay - Zhi Wei / Color Picker

These color pairs are then used dynamically with the photos across the website to change the color scheme of the website, giving visitors a much more tailored and crafted experience by the artist. Website also features a unique photo animation, allowing photographer to pair, match and display his photographic artwork either side by side, or in one unifying piece, while still obeying the selected color schemes.

John Ozbay - Zhi Wei John Ozbay - Zhi Wei John Ozbay - Zhi Wei John Ozbay - Zhi Wei